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The typical freelancer in the web industry starts out as a jack of all trades, thinking that the more services provided will equate to more potential profit. Sadly, that is never the case. Look at every freelancer that you see being able to continuously make income year round. Everyone that you are looking to are able to do this only because they found one or two key areas they excel at and focused their business through them. This could mean something as simple as going from being a graphic and web designer, to just being one of the two. It could also be transitioning from a designer and developer, to becoming the one you find most enjoyable doing client work in. However you decide to go about it, having a niche area is the best way to grow your business and have a long lasting career. Let’s take a look at some more detailed reasons of why having a niche area of focus is better than being the jack of all trades type.

Better Growth

There is so much time and effort that goes into skill growth in our industry. Everyday something new is coming out that changes everything, and if you want to continue being able to compete with other professionals your going to have to keep up with all these changes. However, this becomes incredibly hard when you have no focus area for your career. Being the jack of all trades would mean that you’d have to stay current with every service field you offer. Now doesn’t that sound time consuming?

Having a niche area of focus would mean less time learning multiple teachings, and more time spent getting closer to a masterly level of the one area you are decided to focus on.

Better Marketing

Is it better to market a product designed for one key audience, rather than one designed to aid everyone? If you know anything about proper marketing, you would acknowledge that the key audience is always best. This is so because you can tailor your approach directly for the people you are trying to provide your service to. While being the jack of all trades will require you to find an approach that will appeal to all, while missing out on having a key focus.

Having a niche allows you to focus your marketing approach to a specific group looking for your services. This saves time in your marketing, and will be better for getting your name out there.

Better Clients

Ask most jack of all trades in our industry, and they’ll probably tell you the same thing. This being is that they really do not have a constant stream of quality clients. The answer will easily be no. This is so because the quality clients that will always be looking to get work to a freelancer they hire, is not looking for a jack of all trades. They are looking for a freelancer who is exceptional in the area they are seeking.

In Conclusion

Starting out, it is quite inciting to feel that offering a wide range of services will make more income. However in a field crowded to the rim with talent, being good or okay at a wide range of things is not enough. To really stand out and have a strong and lasting career, you have to be exceptional in at least one area. So take the time to figure out what you like doing best at client work, and what you are actually good at. This will give you a better stream of quality clients, and give you a steadier income with a lot of potential for growth.


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He is a student freelance web designer, web developer, writer, poet, and blogger based in Atlanta, Ga whose work can be found at his online identity Five Alarm Interactive(FAI). He is a college student by day, and passionate professional by night. You can keep up with him on Twitter @5alarmint.


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