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WordPress is one of the best tools to build a website or blog as it has various plugins easily available for us which are must to use in 2016. There are almost 80 million websites who are using WordPress today as it has various customization options, easily accessible features and easy management of blogs.

Therefore, it requires a lot of efforts to make a superb website because if your website is lacking in various basic features, design and functions, then it’s of no use for the user. Fortunately, WordPress comes with all the powerful tools and plugins which help in building a strong website or blog. It also helps you to know each and every detail about how to open a blog by using its various themes and functions. So it would be fair to say that WordPress is incredibly popular nowadays due to its superb plugins which allows all types of webmasters to customize according to their needs.

On the other hand, there are thousands of plugins WordPress has, out of which some are very useful for any type of blog you are working on and others are specific in nature and provide solutions to very specific cases.

Below are some of the best WordPress plugins to use in 2016. Whether these plugins will help you to protect your website or improve loading time, each of them are must have in your system.

1. Monarch



This superb plugin provides you with various modern functions to show social sharing buttons on your site which will further increase your share count automatically when you publish any post. On the other hand, this plugin is one of the most comprehensive social plugin which offers you a number of options in terms of design and placing of share buttons at right place. Therefore, by using this plugin you can place visually appealing buttons on your website which will further increase traffic to your website.

2. Redirection



Redirection is one of the innovative plugin used create and manage 301 redirects for your website. This plugin also keeps a track of various errors on your website. Further, you can use this knowledge to create various redirects to help your future visitors who land on those pages will be redirected to the right page. This will automatically take care of 301 errors and redirects you when you change the permalink of your blog, page or even a website. This plugin is particularly useful when you are migrating your pages from the old website to the new one.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is another most comprehensive and commonly used tool by various WordPress users. It is one of the free website analytic tools in the market used to track your visitors. Basically, this plugin allows us to see that from where our visitors are coming from and what exactly they are doing on our website. So, by this you can easily optimize your website accordingly and improve your earnings.

4. Testimonials Widget



This plugin allows you to see all your past clients, users and even their feedback about all your services you offered them. Usually, everyone loves to know that what others are saying about your business and services. So, this tool will help you gain trust and build good relationship with your clients. Its basic purpose is to add various customer testimonials on your website. Further, you can easily add testimonial content by theme functions or shortcuts with different category and tag selection options.

5. WordPress Subscribe Pro

WordPress Subscribe Pro


This is the most useful and must have plugin which deals in email subscription because your email list can become a great source of traffic for your website. It further offers you a number of options to optimize your site and on top of that it is also not very costly as compared to other plugins. With this plugin you can even set a customized popup option to capture emails of your users. So, with this superb plugin just enhance your conversions of traffic to subscribers and generate more traffic with more earnings.

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