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Photography is an art through which we can express our imagination, so it’s very important to a photographer how he represents the photograph to the audience, some times a very ordinary photo can be a great piece of art with some magical tricks. Today I will share a very simple but effective shadow and lighting photography tricks with you. If you’re looking for the Photoshop program at a low price try these Target coupons

Stpe 1

First take any of your photograph color or black & white, for example I take this color image from here http://www.bhwallpapers.net/wallpapers/sweet_girl_portrait-1366×768.jpg you can find some pictures from Deposiphotos stock photos.

Step 2

Convert the color image into a black and white ( monochrome ) image using [ Alt + Ctrl + Shift + B ] or you can go from Images > Adjustments > Black & White

Step 3

Create a new layer [ Ctrl +Shift + N ] name the layer ” Black ” and fill it with black color #000000

Step 4

Add a vector mask to the black layer

Step 5

Now this is the most tricky part, select the mask layer make the foreground color to grey #757575 select the radial gradient tool

and start masking on the black layer. You can change the foreground color grey to dark grey or black or white according to the shadow you want in your photograph.

Here is the final image with the lighting effect, some people may ask that we can use color contrast to get this effect but in Photoshop we don’t have full control to each and every part of the image through color contrast tool.

This is a simple way to create a lighting effect in any kind of photography, I work on a black&white photograph using black color but you can use the same trick with color picture and can use different color for this effect. Hope this effect helps you to create a dramatic photography from a ordinary picture.


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