Drupal is the most popular content management system for websites, and it is one of the most stables ones too. However, the community surrounding this framework is so big that it is easy to get confused about how to get started and maintain the performance of your site.

Drupal Ecommerce

What it means to Improve

Drupal, out of the box, is a pretty secure and stable CMS, but many website admins face problems over the time because of unsafe optimizations and sub optimal website design. You can improve various aspects of your Drupal ecommerce site including:

  • Search engine friendliness
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Proper use of modules

Here are a few tips to ensure that your Drupal online store works butter smooth with as few hiccups as possible.

Choose a Good eCommerce Tool

The first thing to do is to choose a good ecommerce framework in the first place. You need to choose a module that:

  • Does to affect the performance of your base installation
  • Uses the latest version of Drupal at the time of installation
  • Provides all the tools for inventory management, product display on web page
  • Has a number of security features specific to your online store

At this point, the most viable choices for ecommerce development on Drupal are e-Commerce, Ubercart and the “Drupal Commerce” project.

Let the Modules be

Drupal has thousands of modules in its repository. If there is something you need for your website that is not in the base installation, you will find it in the modules. However, many website with some coding experience dig into the modules, modify them a bit to suit their needs and send them into production. However, this poses a few problems:

  • When the modules get updated, you do not know whether the particular changes will affect your modification
  • Your mod may break the update because some essential feature was removed or become of some coding error

When you hack into a large number of Drupal modules before you add them to your website, you have to test them all against upgrades and ensure they work properly. This can waste hours and days of your time, so it is better to stick to the modules are they are, so your site will work smoothly.

Secure your Web Pages

After the events in the last few years, if your website is still not using HTTPS, then your customers are more likely to leave you. The security implications of using just HTTP without SSL and TLS are just too big to ignore. If you do not want to dig deep into encryption, just use “Secure Pages” module, which offers a simple way to add HTTPS to your website.

You should definitely use https over these pages:

  • Home page
  • Login page
  • Payment page
  • Checkout page

If you can, use HTTPS over your entire website. Some think that securing public pages does not make sense, but modern attacks can steal a lot of information from even basic pages. The performance penalty for using SSL is very small, but your site is now vastly more secure for your customers than before.

Remove Broken Links

Your Drupal ecommerce website probably has thousands of web pages across various sections. They will be modified, added, deleted very frequently. In such a scenario, a lot of your links will be broken, but will still be visible to customers. When they click on these links and find nothing, your impression goes down a little every time.

Search engines too do not like broken links on websites and will penalize you for not having updated pages and links. Therefore, make sure that all your links are working and you will be good. You don’t need to manually check each link, as there are many link tools like the W3C link checker that will scan your site for dead links and list them out for you.

Making your Drupal website is not just important, it is vital for you to stay ahead of the competition. Also, as you can a lot of the steps mentioned above are not tedious and can easily be automated. The only thing is that you need to be aware of the right tool for the job.

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