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If you use Instagram, you need to check out this premium offering from the crew at MightyDeals – Image to Parallax Video Photoshop Actions for Instagram!

Instagram is loaded with tons of great photos but if you really want to impress and stand out from the crowd, cool videos are where it’s at. With Qlilipn, the very first set of Photoshop Actions for Instagram Video, you can easily convert your static images into gorgeous videos using 2.5D Parallax effects. Stylize your video with filters, add text or textures and all sorts of blurred effects, icons, frames and a variety of other graphic elements. The best part is, it’s only $7! Pretty cool huh?

Grab the Quilipn Image to Parallax Video Photoshop Actions for Instagram now.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Easily whip up Instagram videos from your photos.
  • Turn a static image into a stunning video with 2.5D Parallax effects.
  • Simple to use with this very first set of Photoshop Actions for Instagram videos.
  • Includes 10 beautiful photo filters for added effects.
  • Dive right in with 12+ gorgeous pre-made templates.
  • Hide or show Models, Text and Textures as you wish.
  • Remove and add blurred effects to your videos.
  • Make use of icons, frames and other graphic elements to really impress.
  • Tutorial and documentation included to help you quickly master this amazing Photoshop Action.







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