Free Rocket Launch Background Illustration Sketch Backgrounds / Freebies / Graphics / Inspiration

This awesome design freebie is a rocket launch background illustration, for free sketch download. This unique illustration will make a great addition to any .sketch collection. Click download below to get this Free Rocket Launch Background Illustration now. File Format: Sketch Keywords: backgrounds, sketch, dreams, rocket, illustration, free Designed by: Dmitriy Yushchenko Size: 922 kb (zip)

10 Polygonized Photograph Backgrounds Backgrounds / Freebies / Photography / Wallpaper

This exclusive freebie is a collection of Polygonized Photograph Backgrounds, for free download. This beautiful collection includes 10 polygonized photographs in high resolution. The background images are perfect for use in both print and web projects. Get these professionally designed Polygonized Photograph Backgrounds now. Just click download below. File Resolution: 3008 x 2000 File Format: JPG Keywords: backgrounds, polygonal, photographs, free Designed by: oxygenna Size:...

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6 Free Vector Gold and Silver Geometric Patterns Backgrounds / Graphics / Graphics art / Wallpaper

This exclusive freebie is a collection of 6 gold and silver geometric patterns, for free download. These high quality vector files feature seamless gold and silver geometric patterns, perfect for use in web and print projects. Get these free geometric patterns set now. Just click download below. File Resolution: 800 x 800 File Format: JPG, EPS Keywords: backgrounds, vector, geometric pattern, freebies Designed by: Miljana Milentijevic...

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75 Amazing Perfectly Timed Photographs Photography

We all know photography is an art, but sometimes all it takes to take the best shot is being in the right place at the right moment. It doesn’t even matter if you take it with your high-end DSLR or mobile phone. This time, I have rounded up 75 examples of perfectly timed photos which seem like pure luck. Hope you enjoy this post.  ...

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WordPress Theming: A Lot to Learn Inspiration

WordPress themes are basically files which are working together in order to create the desired layout and functionality of any WordPress sites as per the need of the site owners. There are different themes and umpteen of choices for the site owners to select from in order to instantly change the look and feel of their website. Developers usually design WordPress themes for their own...

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Responsive HTML Email Designing: A Necessity Easy Learning / Inspiration

Responsive web design seems to be the future of the web industry, considering the number of people accessing internet through their phones and recent statistics suggest that this number is set to grow. Though a high number of websites are being converted into responsive design enabled platforms, Emails still remain in the shadow of old technology. Considerable amount of people have started accessing their email...

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Tips for Splitting Large XML Files in WordPress Inspiration / WordPress

WordPress is free and open source content management system written in PHP. It is the easiest and user friendly in terms of open source technologies based on PHP and MySQL framework. It has variety of features such as template library, plug in architecture support and more. XML files are widely used in WordPress. XML stands for Extensible Mark Up Language and it is the chief...

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Learn About The CSS3 Exclusions Module and Shapes Easy Learning / Inspiration

In order to implement new techniques in content flow CSS Exclusions are important. Inline content gets freshly defined arbitrary areas for better movement. CSS positioning schemes can be boomed by CSS3 Exclusions module and shapes. We have discussed more about it in order to perform an extensive study on the subject. CSS3 exclusions are important for content strategies, building and content planning. Geometric shapes are...

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