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Displaying different types of posts is a cool feature that WordPress provides to its users to engage their readers. This is a useful feature that allows them to arrange their blog posts in a manner most effective. There are also a great number of WordPress plugins available that help you achieve this goal efficiently. Out of those numerous plugins, Smart Posts Widget is the one that continues to gain favor for its ability to provide WordPress users more creative ways to display different types of content on their website without writing a single line of code.

Smart Posts Widget is an exceptionally reliable plugin that makes it easy for you to show a variety of posts and pages to your visitors. The plugin comes with exciting features and is compatible with any responsive theme. It’s an ideal solution for those who aren’t tech-savvy enough and yet want to make the most out of WordPress. It offers a simple way to display posts based on categories and tags.

In this post, I am going to discuss about how to use and install Smart Posts Widget in your WordPress site. Just go through it carefully to know about the complete procedure.

SSInstalling Smart Posts Widget

1. Go to WP admin panel- Plugins and then Add New

2. In the search area, enter “Smart Posts Widget” and then start searching for the plugin.

3. Once you get the plugin on the top of the list, click “Install Now”

4. Go to the Appearance section of the Widgets page and start configuring the plugin.

 You can also upload Smart Posts Widget plugins manually by following the below mentioned steps:

• Go to the wp-content/plugins/directory and upload the smart-posts directory here.

• Activate the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu

• Select the option which reads “Smart Posts Widget” to configure the button.

How to Use Smart Posts Widget

 Once you are done with installing the plugin, you can go back to your website menu and see the Smart Posts widget displayed on it. You can drag and drop the widget anywhere you want to display WordPress posts depending upon your needs.

When you drop the widget on a specific location, you’ll have following options to choose from.


Here is a list of features included:

  • Support for Page Builder
  • Can be filtered by tags , categories, or sticky posts
  • Compatible with Custom Post type
  • Define the number of post to be displayed
  • Options included to change the order of posts.
  •  Option to show post thumbnail & set dimension by width and height.
  • The title will be displayed on top of your post.
  • Show date when the post is created and updated.
  • Set the category of post
  • Display post author and link
  • Modify the length of excerpt (in words)
  • Display number of contents
  • Display excerpt or full content
  • Option to make the widget title link to category or tag page.
  • Add text or HTML before and after posts list
  • Multiple widgets
  • Add custom CSS to widget
  • Order by post comments
  • Order by random posts
  • Order by created date
  • Order by post title

Using Smart Posts Widget with the Page Builder

 Smart Posts widget is compatible to work with Page Builder. If you want to use this plugin with page builder, then install Page Builder  to your WordPress site. After this, select builder tab and add widget. Completing this process will show you a screen like this:2

You can either go on to Choose filters or post type depending upon your requirements. You can decide the complete order and arrangement of your post after analyzing your current needs.


The output will be something like this:


To Wrap Up

 I hope you’ve now become familiar with what Smart Posts Widget is actually about and how it can be used to display posts and pages on your WordPress site. It’s completely a matter of personal choice how you would like to use this plugin to organize and display content to your readers. Do not forget to bookmark this post for the future reference. So, create a smart list and impress your readers like never before.

Author Bio: Juana Steves is a web application developer for Xicom Technologies, which is the leading offshore software development company. She loves sharing latest information on sharepoint consulting services and provides concrete information on technologies like php, Android mobile apps development.

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