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JavaScript sliders, jQuery in particular, are a very commonly used element in web design.We always like to focus on different design elements and how to use javascript and ajax to make them more interactive and more flexible to the user.In this article I’ll feature more than 20 fresh websites for 2012 from where you can get inspiration and lean techniques to achieve some special visual effects in your designs.

tec smartphoneTec smartphone

badminton centerBadminton center



paseodegraciaPaseo de gracia

mediaparkerMedia parker


gimmemoneyicandoitGimme money I can do it

tap tap designTap Tap design

citroen ds5Citroen DS5

festival mundoFestival mundo

analoguebabyAnalogue baby

reverend dangerReverend Danger

funky jones jingleFunky Jones jingle

the creative guyThe Creative Guy

white designWhite Design

france scobert elliFrancesco Bertelli



lorem ipsumLorem

square factorSquare Factor


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  1. All that is very cool !
    But I want to download files 😀

  2. Anonymous Says: April 2, 2012 at 8:22 am

    all are awesome ! thanx for sharing

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